Before the Wii, there was wireless play with the Lord of the Rings Sword Game! Plug the castle turret into your TV and grab your sword! It's time to save Middle Earth. Battle dozens of different foes in eight different levels. Begin in Bree and battle your way to the Crack of Doom in Mordor where you must wrestle Gollum as the fate of world hangs in the balance.

Your plastic sword reflects four invisible light beams back into the sensors and the game knows how you swing your blade. Turn your wireless blade on its flat to block attacks. Unlock special attacks by correctly swinging the required sword motions.

This is a truly magical game experience. And it's a great workout, too! Find one online, if you can. It's a blast.

Lord of the Rings Electronic TV Game

Patented spinning coin gameplay. Packaged in a CD-ROM jewel case. Which Pokémon will you catch? Build your team of coins and challenge a friend. You and your rival Pokémon Trainer flip over the top coin and spin them like top. Now - stop 'em! Where they touch determines the battle outcome. Every coin features a color foil sticker. Full set includes 150 different coins in 10 different categories. Game includes a color-coded chart to teach the rules.

Pokémon Battling Coin Game
Spy Web Board Game

The game of eavesdropping, finger-pointing and spying! Step into the world of international spies and untangle the secrets of Spy Web. You and your opponent have each selected and hidden a spy leader in a safehouse in a major world capital. By careful interrogation and brilliant deductions, you must answer these two questions: Who is your rival's leader? Where is he or she hiding?

Gather the clues and solve the mystery and you'll collect the bounty on that spy's head. Be first to collect a million dollars and you win!

This was the very first game that I saw to market as a game designer at Parker Brothers. It still holds a place in my heart.

Ranked in the GAMES MAGAZINE Top 100 Games of the Year - December 2001 issue and featured in the BUFFY #10 WINTER 2000 Official Fan Magazine...

Fast action fighting board game, just like the hit television show. In this game, you and your friends team up to save Sunnydale from evil. Will you play Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow the wicca, Oz the werewolf or Xander? Travel the board to collect cards. Race to uncover artifacts before they fall into the hands of evil. Roll dice to fight and cast spells. Stake vampires. The game includes four different scenarios, (one for each of the first four seasons of the show) and recreates the white-knuckled clash of each season finale.

This was the final game I designed as a full Hasbro Games employee before they moved 100 miles away. It was an incredibly rewarding swan song - and even though it was not a commercial success it was well received by gamers and Buffy fans alike. I especially enjoyed infusing the game rules and components with snappy dialogue and witty humor from the hit TV show.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Board Game
Xevoz Battle Game System

Partnered with Jim Tinguely Product Design and Hasbro Toy to create this unique battle game system for the Hasbro introdution of the popular Stikfas figures: XEVOZ. Each player builds a wonderully articulated figure and then customizes a Battle Helix based on the pieces they used in their warrior. A Battle Helix is built from 6 triangular sticks (called Glyphs) and when these are snapped together a Battle Helix rolls like a die.

Battle head to head as you each try to tear apart the opponent's figure. Check out for an online version of the game that was created by Wizards of the Coast. Or look for some figures online. The game is very easy to pick up yet it has great depth of play.

Whac-A-Mole Electronic TV Game

A mole's world comes to life! Plug into your TV for 7 wacky mole adventures. Play traditional Whac-a-Mole, then journey down the mole hole to bonk your friends in the mole mansion, on the beach and in the city. Shake things up by splashing the moles with water balloon, freezing them in place or tossing a snowball. The more moles you whack the more points and tickets you collect, just like an old fashioned arcade game. Earn enough tickets to unluck the exciting mole carnival, deep underground.

My original concept had you *helping* the moles in their underground world: they needed to rid their home of "squeaky" mice that popped up from the loose floorboards or protect their garden from vegetable stealing racoons. Instead, you go on a silly mole rampage bonking everything in sight! So much for Mole-Rights. :)

Home Heartbeat

Most user installed security systems are painfully complicated to set-up. And they can't alert you to an iron that was left on or tell you if water is detected in your basement. MAYA Design partnered with Eaton to develop the world's first home awareness system.

With the Home Heartbeat system, easy-to-install wireless sensors check the pulse of your home. No technicians, no codes, no third party monitoring or complex manuals are required. Just use the included keychain-sized controller (or even your cell phone) to see the current status of your house at a glance--whether you're at home or on the go.

As a fractional MAYA industrial designer, I focused on creating the Out-of-the-Box experience in storyboard form (How do you initialize the base station? What are the steps when adding sensors to your system? How can we help new users through this unique experience?), brainstorming product usability solutions and developing LCD icon content for a key fob that acts like a tear-off interface for all sensors. Extensive user testing and "Wizard of Oz" studies helped us determine what types of sensors people would like in their homes.

Mr. Potato Head Talking Hand Held

We were told that you could not make a hand held game for preschoolers. Ten years later, this darling product is still for sale at retail. Mr. Potato Head speaks hundreds of words, animates as various LCD characters (cowboy, baseball player, construction worker and even an alien!) and teaches the child how to play.

While working at Hasbro Games, I managed a design intern as we defined the user experience for this game. In a few weeks, we hammered out the electronic spec, defining the LCD art, game functionality and fun. We split the functions into two distinct interfaces: the literal of Mr. Potato Head's parts and the abstract of the hand held at his side. When the game asks for a hat, you press the button on the brim of his green cap. Later, the child can select a specific hat by pressing the green arrow buttons on the abstract interface. The child plays their way through "just in time learning" for each of the 4 games + free form potato building activity. Mr. Potato Head even juggles stars to reward the young player in their achievements!

As this product came to market, the president of Parker Brothers declared that it was one of the best product the company had ever created. Too bad we forgot to give it an "off" switch; any button press sends the little spud into fits of talking!

Rescue Heroes: Talking Action Figures

As a contract game designer, I wrote the electonic design specs for two generations of Fisher-Price's talking "Rescue Heroes" action figures (Mission Select and Robotz). Defined the speech interaction of dozens of action figures and robots that could each plug into electronic backpacks, vehicles and command centers. In Mission Select, the child could dial a disaster wheel on their figure's backpack - and when the button was pressed, the character would comment on the situation: "That / avalanche / is brutal. / Okee-dokey!"

Brainstormed content, presented ideas, concatenated speech and ensured that brief conversations among the talking Rescue Heroes would act as spring boards for the child's own creative play.




Whac-a-Mole TV Game
Home Heartbeat
Jack Hero Rescue Hero
Spy Web
Xevoz Shieldbreaker
Mr Potato Head talking hand held game
Pokémon coin game
Buffy board game
LOTR sword