Bill Sabram  

Bill Sabram is a game designer trained as a Carnegie Mellon industrial designer that has bridged the gaps between design, programming, research and marketing. He has also jumped from salaried employment to contract work to the start-up world and continues to advocate the end-user’s experience.

His board games are collectible (Buffy, Pokémon Coins and Cosmic Encounter.) His electronic games are ground-breaking (Talking Mr. Potato Head predated Leap Frog as the first preschool hand held -and The Lord of the Rings Plug ‘n Play TV Game incorporated a wireless sword long before anyone saw the Wii on shelves.) His work on increasingly meaningful games, or Serious Games, has lead him to MeYou Health, where he has been their lead game designer since May 2010.

Bill has spoken about the power of games at The White House, the Game Developers Conference, PAX East and the Games For Health Conference. He lives on beautiful Goldfish Pond in Lynn, Massachusetts.